Orderry Cash Flow Accounting system allows you to divide your financial transactions into cash flow items and generate the cash flow reports.

Go to the “Settings > General > Accounting” page to enable and configure the Cash Flow Accounting.

Here at Orderry, we understand that every company has its unique income channels and sources, as well as the expense items. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • payroll processing;
  • office rent payment;
  • internet payment;
  • secondment expenses.

This is why Orderry exposes custom cash flow items. You can always select the needed income or expense item on the “Payments > Cashboxes” page. Later, you will be able to study your company's cash flow.

Pay attention: There are 4 default system items you cannot edit or remove:

  • Client`s payment for service, goods”. Use this cash flow item when receiving payment for the order or sale;
  • Refunds from the supplier”. Register supplier cash returns with this item;
  • Clients refund”. Use this item to record the cashbox money withdrawal to return to the client;
  • Supplier payment for service, goods”. Use the item to pay for your postings.

Here's the thing: you cannot select alternative cash flow items for these operations. However, you can add a comment to a transaction.

Cash Flow Accounting System brings substantial advantages for your business management:

  • view all your expenses for the specified period and compare those to your incomes;
  • identify the regular expenses and plan the future budget more efficiently;
  • discover the expenses you can cut to optimize the financial effectiveness of your company.
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