Orderry enables you to perform client returns for your orders and sales.

Client returns are available only for closed sales and orders. Orderry allows you to choose the destination warehouse and cashbox for your returns.

Remember: the client return operations transfer your products back to warehouses, while the product entry in the order stays unchanged, and you cannot edit or remove it. With that said, use client returns only when actually returning funds to the client, not when trying to edit the closed order.

We recommend you to create new orders instead of continuing work in the closed orders for more accurate statistics and avoid confusion in the payroll calculation.

You can see all your created client returns on the “Payments > Client returns” page.

Filter your client return entries with the following options:

  • Period. Filter your client returns by the creation date;
  • Category. Filter your client returns with the “By orders”, “By sales”, and “All” options.

Hit the “Create report” button to confirm filtering options and view the filtered entries.

Click the return number to open a dialog window. Here you can see the client return information:

  • Client data;
  • Destination warehouse for a returned product;
  • An employee who created a return;
  • Works and products list for the selected client return;
  • Return cost;
  • Comment.

Press the “More” button to remove the return. 

Note: you need to remove the associated payment to remove the client return.

Remember: The system adds a “Client return” entry in the payroll report and automatically recalculates the payroll sum, if employee has a payroll entry for returned product or service.

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