You need to configure notification templates for each of your locations separately in Orderry. Edit existing templates and create new ones on the “Settings > Notifications > Notification templates” page.

Creating new notification templates

Select a location (if applicable) and hit the “+ Template” button.

Enter the template name, text, and hit the “Save” button in the opened template dialog window.

Use variables from the list on the right to add dynamic data that Orderry will automatically fill from your order and client form fields.

Note: variable values may be of different types and sizes. For instance, the {Client Name} variable value can be Bob (3 characters) or Joseline Stone (14 characters). 

This impacts the message length substantially, which affects the amount of SMS you need for your notification routine.

This is it, you've created the notification template.

Editing notification templates

Click the template name to modify it. Edit the necessary fields and hit the “Save” button.

Hit the template name and proceed with a “Remove” button to remove the selected notification template from the list.

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