Inventory accounting extends your management opportunities and optimizes your real-life inventory management. Orderry exposes the inventory process automation for both small companies and large enterprises with complex inventory organization.

Let's discover the Orderry inventory accounting features for your business.

Monitoring the product stock balances

Create and customize warehouses. Monitoring the stock balances made easy with Orderry. Look through all products, sort the search results by stock balance, category, or warehouse. Import and export products, print price tags and labels for your products.

Fast and convenient posting, writing-off, and product transferring

Enter your and supplier warranty for your products, add images, monitor and edit the posting prices. Enter the product codes, vendor codes, and barcodes for convenient items search. Write-off and transfer multiple products in a few clicks with bulk actions or a barcode scanner.

Inventory stock take

Perform regular stock takes to establish a transparent stock balance monitoring. Use the stock take results to resolve the difference between accounting and actual stock balances.

Add inventory products to sales or orders

Sell your products right from the stock balances. Add products to your orders and view the products transfer history in their dialog windows. Generate the Product turnover report to analyze the business processes and make more efficient business decisions.

Ensure the timely product purchases

Set the minimum number of products to enable the Stock balance control feature. Then use a special report to get the list of products you need to purchase.

Track each product item

Enable inventory serialization to track the transfer history of each and every product item. Enter the existing serial numbers into the system or generate new ones with Orderry.

Bin location warehousing

The bin locations functionality allows you to create warehouse bins and place products into them. This way, you always know the exact location of the needed product item.

Save your time with inventory bulk actions

Select all or specific products to perform bulk actions: write-off, transfer, sell, change product category, or export multiple products at once.

Inventory reporting

Orderry enables you to generate a set of insightful inventory reports. These include but are not limited to the following:

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