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Learn the differences between Orderry Subscription Plans

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The starting price of the Startup, Business and Enterprise plans includes 3 employees and 1 location. You can add more for an additional fee.

There is a fixed number of employees (2) and locations (1) in the Hobby plan. You cannot add more to this plan.

The Hobby Subscription Plan is ideal for individual entrepreneurs and companies only launching their business in the services market sector (up to 100 orders per month). This is the only plan with a limit on the number of work orders and sales. There are no such restrictions in other plans.

Hobby Plan contains the minimum functionality required for business management:

Hobby is the only Subscription Plan where you can have up to 1 location and up to 2 employees.

In the Startup plan, you can add up to 15 employees and use the following features:

In the Business subscription plan, you can add up to 150 employees and access the following functionality:

PRO features are also available in the Business plan:

Besides all the features of Orderry, the Enterprise subscription plan offers the support service of a personal manager.

View the terms of all available Orderry Subscription Plans on your Orderry account page “Settings > Subscription” and on the Orderry website.

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