Orderry offers 3 Plans with different feature sets. Every Plan contains 1 employee and 1 location free of charge by default. You can increase the quantity with additional purchases.

The Hobby Subscription Plan is ideal for individual entrepreneurs and the companies only launching their business in the services market sector (up to 100 orders per month). Hobby Plan contains the minimum functionality required for business management: 

Hobby is the only Subscription Plan where you can have up to 1 location and up to 5 employees.

The Startup Subscription Plan has all the Hobby features plus integrating with IP-telephony, SMS gateways, and Messengers. Startup also includes the following functionality:

The Business Subscription Plan enables you to send scheduled SMS, configure order status time limits, set initial status of the order type and activate bin location for your inventory products.

PRO label means that indicated sections or functions contain advanced features available only for the Business plan. For example, on the “Analytics” page, this is the analytical report “Assortment Analysis”, which allows you to evaluate the profitability of the product range and the pricing efficiency.

View the terms of all available Orderry Subscription Plans on your Orderry account page “Settings > Subscription” and on the Orderry website.

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