Navigate to the “Settings > General” page to fill out the “Company details” section. This way, Orderry can automatically load this data into your document templates via variables.

Here are the fields you should fill:

  • Company name. Your company name is accessible via a {Company Name} variable.

  • Address. Use a {Company Address} variable to access your company address info.

  • Email. Enter your corporate email to access it via a {Company Email} variable.

  • Country. Select your country from a dropdown list.

  • Currency. Choose the currency you use. Remember: the cashboxes keep their currency even after you change the company currency.

  • Document language. Pick the needed document language for your company from a dropdown list.

  • VAT Payer. Check this checkbox if you pay VAT. Enter the VAT rate, if you need to display this information. Pay attention: you should enter your prices in Orderry with VAT included. Our system then subtracts your VAT rate for printing your document templates.

  • Company details. Fill out the company details to display them via a {Company Details} variable.

  • Additional information. Save any additional company information you can access via a {Company Note} variable.

  • Logo. Upload your company logo. You can put it in your document templates in the Document Template Editor by pressing the “Logo” button.

Don't forget to hit the “Save” button in the section end to confirm the changes.

Pay attention: All your locations share the data from the “Company details” section. Enter your company information for the primary location and use it for autocompleting document templates with variables.

You can always add custom document template text for some of your locations manually.

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