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How to remove a location?
How to remove a location?

Instructions for removing a location

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Select the location on the “Settings > Locations” page and press the “Remove” button.

There are two reasons why you may be unable to remove your location:

  • You are currently in the location you are trying to remove;

  • Location warehouses are not empty (non-zero stock).

1. Unable to remove the current location

Switch the location to another one on the “Orders” page.

Then, navigate to the “Settings > Locations” page and try removing your location again.

2. Unable to remove. There are products in the location warehouses

Remove products from location warehouses to fix the issue. Here's how you can do it:

  • Set “All products” and “In stock only” filters on the “Inventory > Stock” page.

  • Use the “Checkbox” column to select all products (the program remembers the choice and you can select products from several pages);

  • Hit the “More actions” button and select the “Write-off” or “Transfer” option.

As soon as you clear the location warehouses, switch the current location, navigate to the “Settings > Location” page and try removing the location again.

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