Every company has employees with different rights and access permissions. Orderry allows you to create groups of employees with specific rights via Role.

The system has built-in “Specialist”, “Manager”, “Admin”, and “Full access” roles. You can add, edit, and remove your user roles.

We encourage you not to grant full access to your employees because this feature is primarily for administrators and top managers. This way, you make critical settings private and know for sure who can edit them.

Creating a new role

Step 1. Navigate to the “Settings > Employees > Roles” page and hit the “+ Role” button.

Step 2. Enter the role name.

Step 3. Configure rights for the role and press the “Save” button.

Find out more about access rights in our Knowledge Base in the “Settings > Employee access rights” section.

Editing and removing a role

Go to the “Settings > Employees > Roles” page, double-click the role you want to configure and edit the needed fields. You can also remove the selected role by pressing the “Remove” button.

Note: you cannot remove a user role assigned to your employees. Remove this role from all your employees before you remove it from the system.

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