Navigate to the “Settings > Integrations” page and complete the VoIP telephony setup.

Please note that before configuring and enabling the integration, you should already have a user account for a Telecom service that you’re going to use.

Note: Be careful when using the same telecom service across multiple CRMs. Not every telephony works properly with more than one system at a time.

When configured in the right way, VoIP Telephony can offer the following benefits.

Track All Incoming / Outgoing Calls

Go to the “Calls” page, check out a complete call record with all incoming / outgoing conversations at your company.

The Call Table has the following:

Date and time with the date and time of each successful and unsuccessful call.

Type indicates the type of call, it can be either Incoming or Outgoing.

Handset shows the handset title used for taking / making a call.

Client shows the name of the client with the corresponding mobile number. If there is no match, it will be labeled as “Unknown client”. Click to check-in and save a client in your base before creating a new Lead, Order, or Sale.

Duration shows the call duration. Rejected or missed calls will be labeled with a dash.

Call Record contains call records. Press “Listen” to start playing the recorded conversation. Here you can rewind, adjust the volume, download call records, or stop listening.

Note: Call records may be unavailable in Orderry because some VoIP providers have call recording as a separate service offered on a paid basis.

The Call allows filtering by:

  • Time (a period when the call was made);

  • Handset (records by active / inactive handsets taking a call)

  • Type (All, Incoming, or Outgoing).

Note: Handsets from a configured telephony will be still displayed as active, even if your integration is disabled. Please go to the general integration setup and take them out to make sure nothing goes wrong.

How To Streamline Your Communication

When using Orderry for VoIP communication, you will see an incoming call card displayed in the bottom right corner of the menu with every incoming call active at the moment.

Below let’s quickly run through the Call Сard and its basic features in Orderry.

Your Client Calling:

  • Handset

  • Name and mobile (click to see full profile)

  • Last active Lead, number, current status (if available)

  • Last active Order, number, device, status (if available)

  • Button “More” to check the last Lead or Order (if available)

  • Button “Client orders” to see a list of Orders by the client

  • Button “+ Lead” or “+ Order” to quickly check-in and automatically capture available data

You can also review call records directly from the Client Profile (the “Calls” tab), or listen / download conversations in the Order event feed.

Note: When the same client has multiple Orders with different statuses, the call record will be attached to the latest unfulfilled Order (“New”, “In progress”, or “Pending” status groups). When the same client has all Orders closed (“Closed” or “Dropped off” group of statuses), the call record will be only available from the Client Profile and on the “Calls” page.

New Client Calling:

  • Handset

  • Mobile

  • Button “+ Client” to check-in and save a new client

  • Button “+ Lead” to check-in and create a new Lead

  • Button “+ Order” to check-in and create a new Order

Note: To make a call record with an unknown client tied directly to a corresponding Order, press “+ Order”, then create a new Order and save the Client Profile before the active call ends. You may opt for “+ Client”, then the call record will be available only from the Client Profile and on the “Calls” page.

As for the Order Form, we recommend having it maximum short and sweet. Streamline check-in and speed up the process, knowing you can always take a step back and complete missing info or change the type of Order if necessary.

How To Create Leads Automatically On Missed Call

Sometimes things just go wrong. Should it happen so, we will help you Create Leads automatically on missed calls.

Navigate to the “Settings > General” page, then check the “Automatically create lead on missed call” checkbox.

Here you can assign the right manager to be in charge of this type of Leads. You may also set up notifications for employees to ensure they’re getting timely notifications on missed calls and you never miss inbound inquiries, even a single opportunity.

Every Lead generated on a missed call will capture sales data as follows:

  • Name (otherwise, “Unknown client”);

  • Mobile number;

  • The Comment field that reads “Missed”

Press “+” in the right corner of the “Client name” field to check-in and add a new client. And don’t forget to save your progress.

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