Orderry allows you to configure delayed client SMS notifications. This feature may come in handy if you collect client feedback.

For instance, you have the “Client rating” notification set right after the order is closed. It is far more reasonable to delay this message for at least an hour after you close the order in the Orderry app.

Setting delayed SMS notifications

1. Navigate to the “Settings > Notifications” page and open the SMS notification dialog window.

2. Check the “Delayed sending” checkbox. Set the time you want to delay your notifications.

3. Check the “Send notification during working hours” checkbox to send notifications only during the working hours configured on the “Settings > Locations” page.

For instance, you configure a delayed notification sending upon order closing and allow Orderry to send those only during the working hours. You set the notification delay value to 2 hours, and your working hours are 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM. If the manager closed the order at 05:30 PM, the system will send the notification at 10:30 AM the next day (only working hours are calculated in the delay).

4. Hit the “Save” button.

Remember: you can delay only SMS client notification.

Delayed SMS Report

View your delayed SMS that the system hasn't sent yet in the “Delayed SMS” report on the “Reports > SMS > Delayed SMS” page.

Double-click the message to edit the recipient's phone number, sending date and text. You can also remove and cancel SMS sending.

Upon SMS sending, the system marks it as “Sent”. You can now see it in the “Sent SMS” report on the “Reports > SMS> Sent SMS” page.

Disabling delayed SMS sending

Navigate to the “Settings> Notifications > Client notifications” page, open the notification dialog window and uncheck the “Delayed sending” checkbox to disable delayed sending.

Note: This does not impact the notifications you've scheduled before unchecking this checkbox. To prevent the system from sending those, open the “Delayed SMS” report and remove the needed notifications manually.

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