Orderry allows you to set the time limits for your order statuses.

The order status time limits is a maximum duration for specific order status.

You can set the time limits in minutes, hours, and days.

For instance, set the time limit of 15 minutes for “Online application” status and 20 days time limit for “Waiting for parts” one.

When the set status term expires, in the order table in the column “Status deadline” the lightning bolt icon will become colored and the delay time will be displayed.

You can also check the “Display overdue in the badge” checkbox.

This way, the overdue orders in this status will appear in the orders table when applying the “Overduebadge

You can disable this feature for statuses you cannot fully control.

Here's an example: You don't have the needed part to done the client’s order, so you transfer the order to the “Waiting for part” status. Unfortunately, you cannot always impact the part delivery time, so your status - and even the order - may become overdue because of external causes. Uncheck this checkbox for such statuses to prevent confusing system behavior.

Hit the “Overdue statusesbadge to filter results in the orders table to display only orders that are currently overdue by status.

Note: Orderry uses your Location Schedule to calculate the time limits and order deadline. You can configure your Location Schedule on the “Settings > Locations” page.

For instance, you transition the order to the “Online application” status on 12 September at 05:55 PM. You've set location hours as 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM, meaning there are 5 minutes left of the current working day. Considering that the “Online application” status time limit is 15 minutes, the status deadline is set to 09:10 AM on September 13.

Remember: the status time limits functionality is available in the subscription plans “Business” and greater.

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