Orderry offers a set of standard documents for your company operations. Navigate to the “Settings > Print templates” page to view and edit the existing document templates. The system fills out your company, client, order, sales, and product information automatically via variables. This way, Orderry saves your time by reusing the information you've already entered before.

Note: each of your locations has its own document templates.

There are 6 document groups in the system: Orders, Order lists, Invoices, Sales, Labels, and Other. Let's consider each of them in detail.

Orders document group

Print Order documents on the following pages:

  • The order page. Hit the 🖨️ button in the event feed;

  • The orders table. Select the order you need to print, hit the 🖨️ button, and select the “Print documents” option.

View your available document templates of this group - the “Order Ticket” and “Work Order” - on the “Settings > Print templates” page.

Orders list document group

Print your orders list on the “Orders” page. Just select one or multiple orders, hit the 🖨️ button, and select the “Print orders list” option.

Navigate to the “Settings > Print templates” to view the “Orders list” template. Use your route sheets to provide delivery employees with information on the delivery route for several orders.

Invoices document group

Print Invoice documents on the “Payments > Invoices” page by one of the following ways:

  • In the invoice dialog window. Hit the 🖨️ button to print the selected invoice;

  • In the invoices table. Select one or several invoices, click the “More actions” button, and choose the “Print documents” option.

Find your “Invoice” document template on the “Settings > Print templates” page. You can always configure document templates of this template group or create new ones.

Sales document group

Print your sales document templates on the “Sales” page. Just open the sale dialog window and hit the “🖨️ Print” button.

Discover your existing Sales document templates - the “Invoice” - on the “Settings > Print templates” page.

Labels document group

With Orderry, you can print your product labels in your inventory and your work labels in the Services list. We understand that this procedure usually involves thermal printers. This is why Orderry allows you to create multiple labels of different sizes. Find out more about label printing here.

Navigate to the “Settings > Print templates” page to view the existing label templates, edit them, or create new ones.

Other document group

The Other group includes price tag templates. Just like labels, print your product price tags in Orderry inventory and work price tags in the Services list. Find out more about price tag printing here.

Go to the “Settings > Print templates” page to view and edit the current price tag template.

You can always create, edit, and remove any document templates in Orderry.

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