You can use the “Drop user session daily” to protect your data, as well as to control the time employees come to work.

You can enable this feature in the employee dialog window on the “Settings > Employees” page. Check the box “Drop user session daily” and save the changes.

After that, once a day, Orderry will log out of the employee from the account, and he or she will need to enter a Login and Password. Thus confirm your access to data.

A user session drop works fine when paired with an IP whitelist.

For example, you configure access to Orderry only from work computers, on which you need to enter a Login and Password every day. This can be used not only for security but lateness control as well.

On the “Reports> Other> Orderry Login History” page, you can see who, when, under what login, and from what IP address was logged into your account.

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