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Please note that this report is outdated and you cannot edit or create new rules for its calculation. Start using the new payroll features in Orderry, read more in this article.

You can view the payroll report on the Reports > Finance > Payroll report page. It shows the calculation of employee salaries according to the former payroll rules that were created before 07.02.2023.

Remember that you cannot edit or create rules required for this report. However, you can create new payroll rules (commissions), apply them to employees, and view the calculated salary for all employees on the Finance > Payroll Calculation page or on the Compensation tab of employee profiles.

There are 3 filters you can use to generate the needed payroll report:

  • Period. Use this filter to configure a time interval for your report. The possible values include the following: today, yesterday, this week, month to date, last week, last month, custom range;

  • Location. Select one or several locations you want to get the data for;

  • Status group. Select the group of order statuses to target orders in the specific statuses.

Note: Selecting the By date “Completed” filter will generate a report for orders transferred to the status of the “Done”, “Closed”, or “Dropped off” group during the specified time interval.

Selecting the By date “Closed” filter will generate a report for orders transferred to the status of the “Closed” and “Dropped off” groups during the specified time interval.

As soon as you set the desired filters, hit the “Create report” button.

Orderry generates a payroll report for each employee who has former payroll rules enabled in their profile and who performed labors during the selected time. You can see the total sum for all employee payrolls in the bottom right corner.

The green value is the sum the employee earned. You can expand the report to see the details for each employee transaction.

You can expand any payroll to get the detailed statistics for each order.

Expand the order data to get the payroll details for each employee’s work.

Hit the question mark icon to open the payroll calculation rule.

Orderry allows you to print or export your payroll reports to your PC with an Excel-file if you have report exporting permissions.

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