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How to add a company logo or image into the print template?
How to add a company logo or image into the print template?

Learn how easy it is to add an image or logo to your print template

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Adding a company logo to your document template

The company logo attracts client attention. It also distinguishes you from the competitors, highlights your style, and increases your digital presence. 

Here are the steps for adding a company logo to your document template:

1. Navigate to the “Settings > General > Company details” page and add a logo image from your device. Hit the corresponding input and select a file in the popup. Hit the “Save” button.

Note: The file size for your logo must not exceed 25 MBs.

2. Go to the “Settings > Print templates” page and select the needed template. Click on the place you want to put your logo and hit the “Logo” button. The system will insert your logo into the document template. After that, save your document template.

Note: Changing the company logo on the “Settings > General > Company details” page will affect all documents with your logo. You can also add multiple images to a single template. Let's find out how you can do that.

Adding images to the document template

You can insert a custom image to your document templates. Here are the steps to do that:

1. Upload an image to the image hosting. We recommend using trusted image hostings like As soon as you upload your image, copy the direct link to it.

2. Hit the “Insert/Edit image” button.

3. Fill the “Source” input with the direct link from the image hosting website.

4. Set the image “Description” and “Dimensions” (if relevant).

5. Hit the “OK” button to apply changes.

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