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General information about “Tasks”
General information about “Tasks”
Basic information about the task manager in Orderry
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Task Manager is an excellent tool for monitoring the work of employees and delegating various work processes.

Using the task manager in Orderry allows you to:

  • control the work of employees and their productivity

  • create tasks for several performers at once

  • control the deadline terms of tasks

  • track the process in the Task Event Feed

  • set tasks by orders and customers

  • set up an automatic notification for employees about the task, about changes in it and about its implementation

Tasks can be created on the Tasks page, from the order and the client’s dialog window.

For example, you can create tasks for the purchase of necessary things for your office, for a timely call or billing the client by the order, to remind yourself about the rent payment, taxes, etc.

Learn more about how to add a task and how the task manager works by the link.

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