On the Tasks page, you can add, edit, and remove tasks. You can also see which tasks are in progress and which have already been completed.

Also, you can add tasks from the work order or client profile. Let's consider all the options.

Adding a task on the Tasks page

Step 1. Click the + Task button and specify the Task Name.

Remember: you can use up to 128 characters for the task name. Add more information below in the “Description” field.

Step 2. Specify the client associated with the task (if needed).

Step 3. Select an assignee for the task.

Note: Turn on the “Can be an Assignee” right in the role configurations to select an employee as assignee of a task.

In Orderry, you can set one task for several employees. To do so, click the + Assignee button and specify another employee after selecting the first assignee. When a task has more than one assignee, you need to choose how the system will assign a task.

One task for all — the system assigns one task for all specified assignees. As soon as one of them completes it, the task disappears from the remaining assignees’ panels, and Orderry credits it to the one who completed it.

One task for each one — the system creates separate tasks for each specified assignee.

Step 4. Set the Due date. If the assignees fail to complete the task on time, it will become overdue and a flashing red indicator will appear in the side menu.

Step 5. Click the Create button.

After creating a task, the number representing the quantity of the tasks will appear in the employee account.

Adding a task in the Work Order

Click the + Task button in the work order event feed to open the dialog window for creating a task. Fill it out and click the Create button.

This will connect the task to the work order. The event feed will display the task name. And the Task will contain the work order number and link to the client.

Adding a task in the client profile

Click the + Task button on the Tasks tab in the client profile. Fill it out and click the Create button.

This will connect the task to the client. The Tasks tab will display the task name. And the Task will contain the client’s name and link.

Task counter

The task counter works in the following way.

If there are tasks for today, the number of tasks for the current day only is displayed.

If there are no tasks for today, then the total number of tasks is displayed.

Filtering and Sorting Tasks

Sort your tasks by your role, whether you are the author or an assignee of the task. To do so, click on the Assigned to me or Assigned by me button. If you have an access right, you can see All tasks.

You can also filter by a certain author or assignee. To do this, select the required employee in the appropriate field.

The system sorts the tasks that are in progress by the due date, that is, first overdue, then for today, for tomorrow, etc.

Completed tasks appear in the list sorted by the completed date from the most recent ones to the oldest ones. Also, you can sort tasks by period.

Editing, completing and removing tasks

Note: Only employees that have the corresponding right can edit and remove tasks.

Double-click the task to edit it. Make changes and click on the Save button.

Tick the Completed checkbox next to a task name to mark it as done. This task will appear on the Done tab.

Open a completed task to view its status, whether On Time or Overdue.

To remove a task, double-click the task and click on the Remove button. You can delete both Done and In progress tasks.

Deleted tasks can be restored in the Activity Log report.

To do this, generate a report for the Task deleted event. Find the deleted task and click Restore.

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