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Alerting employees via Telegram
Alerting employees via Telegram

Learn how to use the Telegram messenger to notify employees

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In order for employees to receive a notification in Telegram, you must specify the phone numbers in the employee’s dialog window, on the “Settings> Employees” page, and activate “Telegram Bot”.

Telegram Bot Activation

Step 1. Previously, in the browser, go to Telegram.

Note: new Telegram accounts (without any activity) cannot be connected to the Orderry Telegram bot. Create some activity in your Telegram account (add chats, channels, etc.), and then you can connect such an account to Orderry.

Step 2. In Orderry, click on your avatar and go to the “Personal info” page. Click “Enable” button opposite the Telegram Bot.

In the tab opens, click “Open in web” or “Open Telegram Desktop”. Then click “Start”.

Please note that for each employee, it is necessary to activate it with his account.

If activation has occurred you get the following message:

The User profile will also indicate that the activation was successful.

Step 3. Go to the “Settings > Notifications” page and configure sending notifications to employees by order or by task via Telegram.

Step 4. The employee will receive a notification in Telegram within 1 minute after the appointment of the manager or specialist in a task or order, and also after any event specified in the notification settings.

Deactivate Telegram Bot

To disable Telegram Bot, go to the User profile and click the “Disable” button, next to the activation indicator.

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