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How to edit / remove Client Profiles and manage contact details
How to edit / remove Client Profiles and manage contact details

Learn all about Client profiles and their usage in Orderry

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Client Profile features

General Tab

Orderry allows you to edit all the client form fields. Click the client name and navigate to the “General” tab in a Client profile. Modify the needed data and hit the “Save” button.

Balance Tab

This tab shows the current balance of a client made up with all mutual movements of products, services, and cash transactions taken into account.

In the case of receivables (debt to be paid by a client), a corresponding amount becomes green and gets a note that reads “The client owes us”.

In the case of zero balance, a corresponding amount (zero) keeps the font color unchanged and gets a note telling that “You’re settled up”.

In the case of payables (debt to be paid by your company), a corresponding amount becomes red and gets a note that reads “We owe client”.

Press “+ Balance adjustment” to make a new balance adjustment for a selected Client profile.

Below is the list of all transactions (payments) and events (balance adjustments) that make up a current balance of a client. Press “Export” to download the list of transactions on PC in the Excel file format.

Leads Tab

The next tab shows the list of Leads that belong to a client.

Here you can find each Lead’s number, the date and time of creation, current status, and the result (if any).

Click a Lead’s number to get a Lead profile. Press “+ Lead” to create a new Lead profile for this client.

Assets Tab

Here are the Assets that belong to a client, each listed along with a serial number, name, and the warehouse it’s currently located.

Click a serial number to open a related Asset profile. Press “+ Asset” to create a new Asset profile for this client.

Documents Tab

This tab has all the Orders and Sales that have been issued to a client so far. Here you may also find the date and time of the deal, current status (for Orders), employee’s name, and total amounts paid for each Order / Sale.

Click a number on the list to get a dialog window with a related document. Press “+ Document” to make a selection and create a new Order or Sale.

Payments Tab

The “Payments'' tab stores short information about every client payment: date and time, note, target cashbox, and the payment sum. The payment data contains an order or sale number, so you can access the order or sale details.

There are “+ Advance” and “- Payout” buttons you can use to accept client payments or return client funds.

Calls Tab

Navigate to the “Calls” tab to view information on all client calls. Call date and time, call type, and call record are available for every client call you've made. Filter your calls by “All”, “Incoming”, “Outgoing”.


The “SMS” tab contains all the SMS you've sent to the client. SMS info contains send date, status, and text message.

Tasks Tab

The “Tasks” tab contains all tasks associated with the client. Double-click the task entry to open a task dialog window. You can view details or close the task here.

Hit the “+ New task” button to create a new client task.

How to remove Client Profiles from the system

Every Client profile has the remove button. Press it to remove the client and contact details from all Orders, Sales, and Leads. You still will be able to see the client data in your Order profiles, Sales profiles, and transactions, but you will no longer be able to modify it.

For instance, if you remove the client and then open the order or sale associated with the client, the system will notify you that the client no longer exists in the client base.

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