The bin locations is an approach to storing your products in the warehouse. This method implies that the system assigns a unique address to each and every bin.

Such an approach allows you to track the location for every product item, which significantly optimizes inventory management.

Enabling and configuring the bin locations

Navigate to the “Settings > Warehouses page and check the “Enable bin locations” checkbox to activate this feature.

After that, you can see the “Bins tab when editing the warehouse. There is a single Bin with the “Bin 1A” name on each and every warehouse by default.

Hit the bin name to edit its parameters like name or barcode. Hit the “Print” button to print the bin barcode.

Click the “+ Add bin button to create a new bin. Enter the bin name and barcode. The system generates the barcode automatically. However, you can always enter yours manually. Hit the “Save” button to confirm the action.

Check the “And add one more checkbox and then hit “Save” if you want to add multiple bins. Orderry saves the first one automatically, and then you can create the next bin.

You should select the default warehouse bin. The system will use this bin by default when posting or transferring products to the target warehouse. You can always change the target bin during the posting or transfer operation.

Click the “Remove” button to remove the bin. You can only remove the bin when there are no products stored in it. You can use bulk actions to transfer, write-off, or remove the products from the specific bin on the “Inventory > Stock” page.

You can store the same product in different bins at the same time. Navigate to the product dialog window and to the “Shipments” or “Stock” tab to discover the product bins and the exact quantity in each location.

Disabling the bin locations

Navigate to the “Settings > Warehouses” page and uncheck the “Enable bin locations” checkbox to deactivate this feature.

Remember: you can only disable this feature when there is up to 1 bin in each and every warehouse.

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