Before you dive into the article, please make sure to learn How To Do Stocktaking.

Stocktake Results

So, you've completed the stocktake and hit the “Complete the stocktake” button. This created a new stocktake document with a unique number id in the table on the “Inventory > Stocktakes” page. Hit the document number to open it.

There are multiple filters to search the stocktake entries from the list. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Document number

  • Warehouse

  • Category

  • An employee that initiated the stocktake

  • Related documents (Posting, Write-off, Transfer documents)

  • Document comments.

Here is the information the stocktake results dialog contains:

  • stocktake date

  • warehouse

  • category

  • an employee that initiated the stocktake

  • products quantity recorded via stocktake

  • products quantity that corresponds to the accounting information (accounting quantity and actual quantity match)

  • shortage and excess (in units)

  • product table with the following columns: Accounting quantity, Actual quantity, Excess, Shortage.

Hit the Print button to print the stocktake results or click Export to download the data into the Excel file. You can always leave a comment on a document if needed.

Stocktake Settlement

Use stocktake settlement to resolve excesses and shortages, and to consolidate your actual and accounting product stock levels. Orderry allows you to achieve that with postings, write-offs, and product transfers.

Hit the Stocktake settlement button in the stocktake document to initiate the settlement process.

The stocktake settlement dialog window exposes the following information:

  • document number and stocktake date

  • warehouse and product category

  • excess and shortage quantities in the stocktake results

  • chart indicating the percentage of settled shortages and excesses

  • related documents the system generates as the stocktake settlement goes

  • the discrepancy table divided into the following sections: “Shortage”, “Excess”, “Products of other categories, warehouses, and bins”, “Unknown products”.

Resolving Discovered Issues

We encourage you to resolve issues in the same order they appear in Orderry. First things first, check the missing products as they may be in another bin or warehouse.

Remember: Orderry generates the list of stocktake issues based on the stocktake results. Just add a comment and mark a product as resolved as soon as you manage to find all the missing products.

This way, you can resolve the problems one by one. There are 5 discrepancy types. Let's consider each one of them in detail.


You settle the shortage with the product write-off operations.

Select the products you need to write-off and click + Write-off. This opens a write-off dialog window with all the selected products inserted into the write-off table.


Use product posting to settle your excess issues.

Select the needed products by checking their checkboxes and click + Posting. Remember: you can only post products to a target warehouse for stocktake. The system sets the default bin as the bin where you found the product if you enable bin locations. You can change the bin but it will remain the same in the settlement dialog window.

The posting dialog window you open will have all the selected products in the table. You can always change the product quantity you need to post.

Products In Other Warehouses and Bin Locations

Transferring products is a remedy for this discrepancy type.

Keep in mind: Serial products are the only ones that can cause such discrepancy because only serial products can have a specific warehouse and bin to store.

Select the needed products and click + Transferring. Don't forget that you can only transfer products from a single warehouse at the same time.

Products Of Other Categories

This discrepancy arises when you perform a stocktake by the specific product category, and the product of some other category gets into a list.

In this case, navigate to the product dialog window and change the product category to the correct one. After that, mark the problem as resolved.

Unknown Products

You need to post each unknown product manually and mark the product as resolved.

This will create related documents of posting, write-off, and transfer.

Hit the Print button to print the stocktake settlement document to see the full discrepancy list and the total discrepancy sum.

Stocktake Settlement Indicator

Every table row in the settlement dialog has the tick icon. This icon indicates that you've resolved the problem with that specific product. You can either just click the icon to mark the issue as solved, or tick the product and create the write-off, posting, or transfer document.

There is a settlement progress indicator on the right of the dialog window. It shows the percentage of resolved problems relative to the total discrepancies in the stocktake.

Keep settling the stock balances until you hit the 100% rate of solved problems.

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