Each employee in Orderry has a User profile where they can edit or add their personal data.

Click on the avatar in the upper left corner of Orderry to go to the User profile. Here you can see the “Personal Info” and “Security” sections as well as a “Log out” button.

Personal info

Users can change their photos, name, email, and phone number on this page.

Please note, that the field “Email” is unique for all users of Orderry and two employees cannot have the same email address. You need to confirm your email after changing it.

You can enable or disable Telegram bot in the User profile to receive order and task notifications in this messenger.


On this page, users can change the password or enable two-factor authentication to log in to the account.

Changing Passwords

Enter the current password and create a new one. Click Save.

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

Step 1. Click the “Activate” button.

Step 2. Choose the app you want to use for two-factor authentication. Install the selected application.

Note that access to the Business Insights app must be set in the employee's profile.

Step 3. Make sure that the app has access to send notifications. You can check it in your smartphone settings.

Step 4. Click the “Confirm button on the “User Profile > Security” page.

You will then receive a push notification on your smartphone.

Step 5. Tap the notification and confirm that two-factor authentication is enabled in the app.

Done! Now when you sign in to your Orderry account via your browser, you need to confirm the action in the Business Insights or Orderry Work Orders app.

Logging Out

Click on the avatar and click the “Log out” button to change the user or log out of your account.

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