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How To Create A New Product?
How To Create A New Product?

Learn how to create products in the warehouse and work with the product list

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You can create a product on the “Inventory > Products and Categories” page. Here, we recommend you create categories first, and then start creating the product. In addition, you can always create a product when posting or by importing products.

Creating a product on the “Inventory > Products and Categories" page

Important: in this way you create a product dialog window without specifying the quantity and purchase price. Remaining goods are uploaded to Orderry using the posting procedure.

Step 1. Go to the “Inventory > Products and Categories” page. On the left, select the category in which you need to create a product and click on the “+ Product” button.

Step 2. Fill up the product information.

Note, that the product form is also configured on the “Settings > Forms Editor > Products” page. That is, you can create new, modify, or remove the existing fields in the Product profile. Learn more about configuring the Product Form in this article.

  • Name is the name of the product, a required field.

Important: Name — is a unique identifier of the product. You cannot create two products with the same name.

  • Category — filled up automatically, but you can change it if needed.

  • Enter the Product Code and SKU.

Code and SKU are product identifiers. Different products may have the same code and SKU. These fields will be used to search for an item in stock, as well as when added to an order or sale.

Barcode ー product identifier, which is indicated in accordance with the international formats EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, and Code128. It is a unique field, that is, two different products cannot have the same barcode.

  • Set the warranty period for the customer in days or months.

Information from these fields can be automatically added to printed document templates.

  • Indicate whether the product you are creating Serial or not. It cannot be changed once it is set.

Enter existing serial numbers or generate new ones for your serial products in Orderry (you can configure the serial number template on the “Settings > Warehouse” page). The system allows using digits, Latin characters, and even special symbols in your serial numbers. There have to be as many product serial numbers as many products you are planning to post.

  • Specify prices manually or leave these fields unchanged, so that prices are calculated automatically after specifying the “Purchase price” in the posting. You can set margin on the “Settings > Prices and Discounts” page.

  • Set up Exceptional commissions for the employees for the sale of this product or for adding products to the order. It can be a percentage of the product price, a certain amount of money, or both of these types at the same time. If you leave this field empty, the standard payroll calculation rules specified in the employee’s dialog window will apply.

Step 3. Click on the “Save” button.

The created product will be displayed in the list of products, as well as on the “Inventory > Stock” page with zero balance until you make a posting of this item.

Working with the product list table

You can customize the product list table: add or remove columns for display, change their position, and sort within the column.

Please note that the list displays products of the category that is selected on your right. To display all products, click on the top category “All Products”.

You can also Price tag printing, Export, Merge, Change a category and Add a barcode on this page.

To do this, select the required products using the checkboxes, click on the printer button, or “More Actions” and select the required action.

In the lower right corner, there is a button to delete a product. Please note that to delete a product, it must have zero balance in all warehouses.

Above, you can set a filter for the list of products: “All”, “Not in stock”, “Products without a barcode”. Also above the table, there are buttons for Import and Export of goods via an Excel file.

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