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Subscription Auto-Renewal
Subscription Auto-Renewal

Learn how to enable auto-renewal and manage your subscription in Orderry

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Subscription auto-renewal will automatically reactivate a subscription just before it expires, making you ensured at all times.

Getting Started

To enable the automatic subscription renewal, click the “Enable auto-renewal” button on the “Settings > Subscription” page.

Note: The “Auto-renewal” button is only available when you have at least one credit card.

Choose the right credit card and the interval you need for automatic subscription renewal. Complete setup by hitting the “Enable” button.

Done! Now, on the last day of subscription (7:00 pm) funds will be automatically deducted from your balance, according to your current plan in Orderry. Your subscription will be automatically renewed for the selected interval.

Should it happen there are not enough funds on your credit card, the system will try to complete the operation in a day, repeatedly coming back to you in the following 6 days (i.e. before the Week of Trust ends).

As a result, you will have enough time to top up your current credit card, or pay in the standard way using another one.

Managing Your Account

To configure or disable the service, go to the “Settings > Subscription” page and press the “Manage auto-renewal” button.

Change what you need and click on the “Save” button. Or hit the “Disable auto-renewal” button to turn the service off.

Note: The automatic subscription renewal remains active even if you delete a credit card. Make sure to use the “Disable auto-renewal” button to turn off the service as intended.

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