Now even huge numbers of Leads can be quickly managed just in 1-2 clicks.

Step One: Find the Lead Table providing easy options to select multiple items and route them without taking much time and effort. Below are basic instructions to that point:

1. Global selection. To select all Leads displayed on the page simply hit the “Checkbox” column found in the Lead Table. Hint: to undo this move, press the “Checkbox” column once again, or simply hit the cross button below.

2. Custom selection. Just select the items you need. That’s it!

3. Selection by category. To pick the Leads from a specific category, first set up the right filter or badge. Follow up with the “Checkbox” column to quickly select the Leads filtered by status or badge on a single page.

Note: Orderry will remember all previously selected items, even when you’re scrolling your way through multiple Lead pages.

Step Two: Select the Leads you need, then find the “More actions” button displayed below. Hit the button to see a complete list of available bulk actions:

1. Upon a click, the “Appoint a manager” button will create a new dialog window. Complete the field with the right employee you want to see in charge of all previously selected Leads.

2. Use the “Delete” button to remove unnecessary items.

Note: This action is only available for users with a specific set of permissions assigned to employees (roles).

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