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Learn how to use them to navigate through the Lead Page more effectively

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Lead badges can be found on the “Leads” page, displayed over the Lead Table.

Badges are specific filters with set parameters used in the Orderry system to manage different items, quickly filtering them by the most common criteria.

There are 6 types of badges you can assign to Leads: “Urgent”, “New”, “My leads”, “Overdue statuses”, “Overdue leads”, “Pending”.

Note: Badges are designed as unchangeable elements of the Orderry system. You can not modify them or add extra items. Need more advanced filtering? Check out how to create custom filters to fit your needs at their best.

When you see no badges displayed for Leads, then none of your items is matching their criteria.

The “Urgent” badge is displayed for every Lead marked with the corresponding “Urgent” checkbox. Hit the badge icon to see only urgent Leads that need your attention.

Note: The “Urgent” checkbox will be automatically removed for all Leads once they receive the “Won” status. Given that the potential client is already converted into the actual order / service deal, there is no need to keep such requests in the “Urgent” category.

The “New” badge is intended for all Leads bearing the “Newstatus. Select this badge to see only new Leads displayed on the page.

The “My leads” badge shows which Leads you’re assigned to as a manager in charge. Note: This category does not include the items marked with the “Won” status. Click on this badge to review only those Leads you’re responsible for.

The “Overdue statuses” badge covers the Leads having an overdue status time limit. Select the “Overdue statuses” badge to see the Leads found in this category.

Note: The status time limit for Leads does not correlate with the work hours of locations.

The “Overdue leads” badge shows the number of Leads overdue by deadline. Click on the badge for a quick dashboard view of all related items.

Note: The time limit for Leads does not correlate with the work hours of locations.

The “Pending” badge shows the Leads found in the “Pending” statuses. Upon selection, this badge will show only items of this type.

There are no pending statuses available in Orderry by default. To create the new ones, please go to the “Settings > Statuses > Leads” page.

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