Go to the “Settings > General” page. Next, scroll down to find the “Leads” section and complete setup for a numbering template in the relevant field.

Fill in the field of a Lead numbering template using symbols, along with the following available variable values:

  • {C} — represents the Lead counter;

  • {D} — the current day;

  • {M} — month;

  • {Y} — year.

The {C} variable values can be configured.

Example: {C:3} represents the Lead counter 3 characters long starting with zero.

The same thing can be done to set up a numbering counter of your Leads. Simply click on the example lead number and fill in the counter field with the needed value.

Example: Let’s change the number that will be used for a new Lead you create. Simply fill the “Lead counter” field with the right number (here we’re going to assign number 28).

Try different variables, combining them to make your Lead numbering templates self-explanatory and easier to use in the future!

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