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How To Write-off The Asset?
How To Write-off The Asset?
Learn how to Write-off the Asset from the warehouse
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Asset write-offs are commonly used when it’s the case for breakdown, malfunction, possible losses in quality, etc. Asset write-offs also help you keep the warehouse clean and up-to-date.

Important: Assets may have different names (Vehicle, Device, Appliance, Tool, Shoes, Garment) depending on the type of business you choose when creating your account.

There are just a few simple steps to Asset write-offs in Orderry:

Step One: Navigate to the “Inventory > Assets” page, or access the Asset Profile directly from a corresponding Order or Client.

Step Two: Press “More”, then hit the “Write off” button and confirm your action.

Note: You cannot make write-offs with the Assets that belong to unfulfilled Orders (i.e. those out of the “Closed” group) and the Assets currently found in the personal Employee Warehouse. To enable write-offs, please make the corresponding Orders closed or transfer these Assets to the Asset Warehouse of the company.

Well done! The write-off is completed, and your Asset has been removed from the list.

Check out the Asset you’ve just written off. Go to the “Inventory > Assets” page and search by serial number.

Note: The Asset of this type can not be edited. Also, they will have a specific write-off icon attached. Given that the Asset has been already in use in the Order(s), a write-off notification will be displayed in the corresponding Order dialog window.

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