Leads are your inbound inquiries from potential or existing clients.

To prevent overdue and, therefore, lost Leads, and improve conversion, Orderry has a separate page called “Leads”.

There are four different ways of creating new Leads in Orderry:

  • Creating manually on the “Leads” page

  • Via the incoming call pop-up (when VoIP Telephony is set up and running)

  • Automatically from your website (using API)

  • Automatically on missed call (when VoIP Telephony is set up and running).

Orderry has different Lead types with their own Lead Form and preset initial Lead status. The Lead type can be changed at any stage.

For example, the Lead type called “Website” may have a custom field labeled “Promo code”. And the lead type called “Missed call” comes up without it.

Use different Lead statuses to express your unique sales/marketing journey and manage every stage up to convert your potential clients into paying ones.

The Lead Event Feed will allow you to track and log the actions of employees as well as add comments, photos, and documents.

When a given Order / Sale is created from a corresponding Lead, both counterparts become interconnected. Eventually, this can help to easily track your progress with the conversion.

Automated alerts and notifications for clients and employees, in line with numerous setup options and configurations for the Lead Table, badges, custom filtering, and advanced search are equally helpful features to streamline the workflow. Especially when you have to deal with a significant amount of sales data.

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