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User Access Permissions: Calls and Settings
User Access Permissions: Calls and Settings
Learn how to configure a set of user permissions for your employees to access Calls and Settings
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  • Calls ー allows accessing the Calls page with reports, listening to and downloading voice records (works when VoIP Telephony is set up and running)

  • General ー allows accessing General Company Details (name, logo, company details, accounting, IP Whitelist)


  • Employees — allows accessing the Settings > Employees page.

  • Can view employees list — allows accessing the list of all employees in the company on the Settings > Employees page.

  • Can invite employees — allows inviting employees to access the account.

  • Can add employees — allows adding new employees.

  • Can edit employee profile — allows editing employee profiles.

    • Can edit General tab — allows editing employee’s general information.

    • Can edit Access tab — allows setting up employee’s access to locations, cashboxes, and warehouses.

    • Can edit Balance tab — allows operating employee’s balance.

      • Can view employee’s balance — allows accessing the current balance of employees.

      • Can adjust employee’s balance — allows adjusting employee’s balance.

    • Can view payroll calculation rules — allows accessing the “Payroll Calculation Rules” tab in the employee profile and configuring it.

    • Can view other employees' compensation — allows accessing the “Compensation” tab in the profiles of other employees and configuring it.

  • Can edit their own profile — allows editing their own employee profiles.

  • Can delete employees — allows deleting employees.

  • Roles — allows accessing the Settings > Employees > Roles page.

    • Can view roles — allows viewing employee roles.

    • Can create roles — allows creating new employee roles.

    • Can set up roles — allows editing and configuring roles.

    • Can delete roles — allows deleting roles.

Payroll calculation rules

  • Can view rules — allows accessing all existing payroll rules in the company on the Settings > Employees > Payroll calculation rules page.

  • Can create rules — allows creating new payroll rules.

  • Can edit rules — allows editing payroll rules.

  • Can apply rules to employees — allows applying payroll rules to employees.

  • Can delete rules — allows deleting payroll rules.

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