Closing an order is necessary to complete the process of working with the order and receive the correct financial statements and analytics.

Orders can be closed successfully when your company has provided all the necessary work and materials to the client, or unsuccessfully when, for some reason, the client refuses your services. For this, the system has two different groups of statuses: “Closed” and “Dropped off”, respectively.

We recommend creating several statuses in the “Dropped off” group with the names of the most common reasons of refusal (Expensive, Quality, Terms, etc.). Be sure to set the status corresponding to the reason for the refusal, after which you will be able to see the statistics of unsuccessful orders on the “Analytics > Dashboard” page.

When the order status is changed to one of these status groups “Closed” or “Dropped off”, the payment window automatically opens. Let's take a closer look at how an order is closed.

Successful order closing

Follow a few simple steps to close your order successfully.

Step 1. Change the order status to any of the available statuses in the “Closed” group.

Step 2. The order payment window opens automatically. Indicate the payment method and the cashier.

Please note that the list of available cashboxes depends on the selected payment method (Cash / Cashless). If you select “Cash” as the payment method, then the list will contain only available cashboxes for “Cash” payments. If you specify the payment method as “Cashless”, the list will contain only available cashboxes for “Cashless” payments, respectively.

When you select the payment method “On account of debt”, the total amount of the order will be debited from the client's balance. You will see the debt on the “Finance > Balances” page or on the Сlient profile.

Important: to post a payment against a debt, you must enable the access rightCan make payments against customer debt” in the employee role settings.

Learn more about how to adjust the customer debt balance in this article.

Step 3. If necessary, add a comment and select another cashier.

Important:For the order closing” wage is paid to the employee who changed the order status to closed, and not to the cashier!

Step 4. Select the document to be printed. Click the “Save” button.

Done! The order is closed, and the payment for it has been made to the cashier or debited from the client's balance.

Unsuccessful order closing

This order closing option is suitable if the client has refused your services. But, you do not need to delete the order, it is enough to transfer it to an unsuccessful status.

Step 1. Change the order status to any other from the “Dropped off” statuses group.

Step 2. If there are no works or materials in the order, then the status will change immediately.

If the order contains works and materials for which the specialist must receive a salary, but the client refuses to pay for them, then you can make a payment to a separate cashbox “Losses”, for example. Then, if necessary, adjust the balance of the client, if you want to note that he owes you.

Done! The order was closed unsuccessfully and is displayed in the statistics of the manager's Dashboard.

There are times when the “Diagnostics” work was performed in the order, but the client refuses to purchase subsequent services.

In this case, you need to create a separate status in the “Closed” group (for example, “Closed after diagnostics”) and transfer the order to this status. Thus, you will successfully close the order, since the initial work was completed and such order is considered successful. At the same time, you will understand that the client has refused further cooperation with you and will be able to select such orders for further processing using a filter, and the balance of such a client will be displayed correctly.

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