Often, when working with a large volume of orders, it is necessary to perform the same action on several orders at once. To do this, Orderry provides bulk actions on orders.

Step 1. In the Order Table, using the checkboxes, you need to select the necessary orders. There are several selection options:

1. Selection of all orders on one page. To do this, click on the “Checkbox” column in the table of orders. To deselect it, click on the column again or on the cross icon at the bottom.

2. Partial selection of orders. To do this, check the boxes in the required orders.

3. Selection of all orders of a certain category. To do this, click on the desired filter or badge and then on the “Checkbox” column. All orders from this filter or badge on one page will be selected.

Keep in mind that Orderry remembers the selection on the previous pages, so you can select orders from several pages at once.

Step 2. After selecting the orders, a panel with buttons for bulk actions appears at the bottom.

Printer button 🖨️” — press it to print documents for the selected orders.

Select “Print documents” to open document templates from the “Orders” group. Select “Print orders list” to open the document templates from the group “Orders list”.

More Actions” — click on this button to open a list of possible additional actions:

1. “Create invoice” — when you select this action, the new invoice dialog window will open. Information with order numbers and their work and spare parts will be automatically added to it. If the orders have the same customer, then he will be automatically indicated as a payer.

2. “Transfer to another location” — when you select this action, a window for selecting the location to which you want to move orders will pop up. This action is available if you have two or more locations.

3. “Assign a specialist” — when you select this action, a window will pop up for selecting the specialist whom you want to indicate as the person in charge of the selected orders on the “General info” tab in the Order profile.

Delete button — click on it to delete orders.

Please note that you cannot delete orders for which there are transactions in the cashbox. This article describes how to delete payments at the cashbox.

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