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How to manage delivery Orders in Orderry?
How to manage delivery Orders in Orderry?

Track delivery times and couriers workload with the Scheduler in Orderry

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In Orderry you can arrange delivery of orders, delivery times, and assigned couriers using the Scheduler.

In this article, we will check out the two-way delivery option, when you first need to pick up the device from the client, work with it and then deliver it back to the client.

Scheduling a two-way delivery

For better order management, which must first be picked up from the client and delivered to him after the work has been completed, we add couriers to the system as resources.

Step 1. Go to the “Settings> Locations”, open the desired location and add couriers as resources.

Step 2. Add separate order statuses for delivery.

On the “Settings > Statuses > Orders” page, create new statuses in the “Delivery” group. For example, “Pick up from client” and “Delivery to the client”.

Step 3. Create a separate “Mail-in Repair” order type.

On the “Settings > Form Editor > Orders” page, create a new order type named “Mail-in Repair” and set its initial status to “Pick up from Client”.

Important: make sure to add the “Scheduled for” system field to the order form to use the scheduler. In the "Duration" field, you can immediately indicate the estimated time that the courier will take for the pick-up.

Step 4. Use Scheduler to manage and track orders.

After you add the resources and the “Scheduled for” field to the “Mail-in Repair” order form, a switch between the Table and the Scheduler will appear on the orders page. Use the Scheduler to avoid confusion with delivery dates and times. To do this, enable the display of orders by resources for a week/day.

Here you will see the scheduled deliveries for the whole week/day for each courier. Thanks to this, you will quickly determine with the client the right time and day of delivery/pick-up.

You can also create orders immediately in the Scheduler, where the fields with date/time and courier will already be filled in, and you will need to fill in the remaining required fields.

After the order is ready, change the date and time in it to fix the return delivery in the Scheduler and then change the order status to “Delivery to the client”.

Step 5. Configure delivery notifications for clients.

We recommend that you create delivery notifications to remind customers of the courier’s scheduled arrival time.

To do this, you need to do the following:

1. On the “Settings > Notifications > Orders” page, click the “+ Notifications” button for clients.

2. Select the event “Order status changed to” and specify the status group “Delivery”.

3. Using variables, add a new notification template asking your client to stay home at the specified time or contact you to change the delivery time.

4. Click on the “Create” button.

Now, when you change the order status to “Pick up from client” or “Delivery to the client”, your clients will receive a message similar to the following:

Important: in order for clients to receive automatic notifications, you must have configured and enabled one of the SMS gateways presented on the “Settings > Integrations” page.

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