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Analytics. General information
Analytics. General information

Basic information about Analytics Tools in Orderry

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Analytics is an important tool for any growing business.

Data analysis allows you to understand what is currently happening in the company as well as to look at the historical data over a certain period. This will support you in decision-making to improve the situation or uncover issues.

Note: you can install the Orderry Business Insights mobile application that gives managers quick access to all the key performance data of the company.

In Orderry, you can use the following analytics features:

5. Reports on Warehouse, Work Orders, and Marketing

These reports will help you to:

  • see the efficiency of your employees and monitor workload by work orders

  • know how effectively your employees sell goods

  • see the number of products sold by name or category

  • see the total profits, markups, and margin of goods or parts sold

  • keep track of the average work order/sale check and number of work orders/sales

  • see expected revenue on work orders

  • see conversion rates on work orders

  • uncover the causes why clients abandoned your services

  • view the company's rating based on feedback from your clients

  • control cash flow

  • see the turnover of goods for a selected period

  • quickly generate a list of goods that need to be purchased

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