Duplicates of goods in stock may appear for various reasons. For correct accounting, such products should be merged. It is very important to merge all shipments, stock, and history of such goods.

In Orderry for this purpose, there is an opportunity to merge goods in stock. To do this go either to “Inventory > Stock” or “Inventory > Products and Categories”. The process itself is the same, so let's look at an example.

How To Merge Products on the Page “Inventory > Stock”

1. Tick all product duplicates on the page “Inventory > Stock”.

Note that you can find the first item through the search and check it off. Then find the second item through the search and also tick it. In this case, the checkmark from the first product will not disappear.

Note: merge max 10 items at a time.

2. Select “Merge” in More actions.

Note: do not merge serial and non-serial products. That is, to merge both products must be serial or both non-serial.

3. In the pop-up, select a product into which all the duplicates should be merged and click the “Merge” button.

The product information is merged as follows:

  • Category, Prices, and Seller Compensation remain from the original;

  • Shipments, History, and Stock are transferred from all duplicates to the original item;

  • Barcodes are added to existing ones;

  • Rules for controlling stock are added to the original if they are set for other warehouses;

  • Data from the duplicate fields from the “General” tab completes the original's profile.

For example, in the original, the field “Code” is not filled, but it is in the duplicate. In this case, the information from this field is transferred to the original. If the “Code” field is filled both in the original and in the duplicate, then the information from the original will remain in this field.

Done! After merging, the duplicates are automatically removed from the Inventory.

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