Orderry is a mobile app that enables you to quickly add a photo, image, or comment to a work order directly from your phone.

How To Install And Sign In To Orderry?

Step 1. Find and download the “Orderry” app on the App Store or Google Play.

Note that the app must be able to access your smartphone's camera.

Step 2. Open the application, enter your Login and Password and click the “Sign in” button.

Or scan the QR code in the employee card.

You can enable TouchID or FaceID for quick authorization.

Not an Orderry user yet? Create an account by clicking the button below.

How to Add a Photo, Document or Comment to Work Orders via the Orderry App?

Step 1. Open an order and click the QR code icon next to the order number.

You can also print the same QR code in the document templates using the {QR Code} variable and then scan it directly from the document.

Step 2. In the Orderry mobile app, click the “Scan” button and scan the QR code of the work order.

Then you will see the work order event feed.

To the right of the order number you can click on the information icon and see Location, Order Type, Status, and Order Amount.

Step 3. Add a photo or comment to your work order.

Click on:

  • a staple icon to select a photo from the gallery

  • a camera icon to take a photo

  • a comment icon to add a comment

Important: Images must be no larger than 5 MB.

After selecting a photo, click the Upload button.

If you are adding a comment, select the type of comment, write the text and click Add.

Done! The files and comments have been successfully uploaded and are displayed in the order event feed.

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