Stock Level Report
Learn how to quickly check stock levels for effective inventory management
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The goal of inventory management is to reduce warehouse expenses and therefore increase profits.

To help you with this task, Orderry has a Stock level report which shows the current levels of goods and spare parts in stock.

The Stock level report is short, simple, and informative at the same time. The combination of report generation parameters provides a wide range of data for analysis.

To generate this report, go to the Reports > Warehouse > Stock levels page.

The report is generated according to three parameters.

1. Warehouse. Select one / several / all warehouses of all locations (if there is more than one).

2. Category. Choose a product category.

3. Filter. Enable or disable items with a zero stock level.

After selecting the parameters, click Apply.

The report shows the code and SKU of the goods (if any), their names, the total stock level in the selected warehouses, and the total cost (i.e. how much was spent when purchasing these goods). At the bottom, you can see the total number of items and the total cost of all goods.

You can also customize the display of columns in this report. To do this, click on the table button and check the required columns.

The report can be printed immediately or exported to your PC as an Excel file.

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