Product Turnover Report
Find out where to see the turnover and stock levels of goods in your warehouses
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To see turnover and stock levels of goods in warehouses for a certain period, generate a report on the page Reports > Warehouse > Products turnover.

The Product turnover report is generated according to four parameters.

1. Period. Select the time period for which the turnover will be displayed: today, yesterday, since the beginning of the week, since the beginning of the month, for last week, for last month, or custom.

2. Warehouse. Select one / several / all warehouses of all locations (if there is more than one).

3. Category. Specify a product category within the previous two parameters.

4. Movement Type. Specify a certain type of operations based on which the report will be generated: work orders, sales, postings, transfers, write-offs.

Specify the required parameters and click Apply.

The report is formed as a table of five columns. These are “Name”, the quantity at the “Beginning of period”, “Inbound”, “Outbound” and the stock level at the “End of Period” in units and money equivalent. On any of the columns, you can enable sorting by clicking on the column name.

You can also customize the display of columns in this report. To do this, click on the table button and tick the necessary columns.

By default, the report shows only those goods for which there were some transfers. To display all goods, check the box “Display products without turnover”.

The report can be printed immediately or exported to your PC as an Excel file. The Excel file will also contain columns with the SKU and barcode of the goods.

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