If you want to send a review request to your client after a work order is completed, you have to set up a notification first. To do so, navigate to the Settings > Notifications > Work Orders page and find the For clients section.

Setting Up a Notification Template

Click + Template if you want to add a new template or click the name of an existing one to edit it.

Write the message text including the variable {Order Client Feedback URL}. This variable forms the link for the client.

For example, "Please evaluate the quality of our service {Order Client Feedback URL}".

Configuring Automatic Notification Sending

1. Click + Notification in the For clients section.

2. Select the event Order status changed to and the status.

3. Specify the message type: SMS or Email.

4. If necessary, configure the delayed sending of the notification.

5. Specify the message template that will be sent at the selected event.

After updating a work order to the specified status, the client will receive a message that contains a unique link to the review form.

When clients click the message link, they will see your company’s name, a review form with a five-point scale, and a commenting field.

You can see all your clients’ reviews in the work order event feed, on the Reports > Marketing > Client Reviews page, and in the Business Insights mobile app.

Generating a Customer Feedback Report

There are two parameters by which the report is generated: period and locations (if you have more than one). Select the parameters you need and click Apply.

In the report, you will see when, for which work order, and which client left a review, as well as the text of the review. You can also customize how columns are displayed in the report. To do this, click the table button and tick the necessary columns.

If necessary, the report can be exported to your PC as an Excel file.

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