Customer Feedback Report

Set up and get customer feedback on your company's performance

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To view customer feedback in this report, first of all, you need to configure the form of a rating system to be sent to clients. Find more information about the settings and available rating systems in Orderry in this article.

Generating a Customer Feedback Report

The report is available on the page Reports > Marketing > Customer Feedback.

There are two parameters by which the report is generated: period and locations (if you have more than one). Select the parameters you need and click Apply.

In the report, you will see when, for which work order, and which client left a review, as well as the text of the review.

Please note that the Evaluation column can display different values (5-point stars, a rating from 1 to 10, or Like/Dislike). It depends on which rating system you have chosen on the Settings > Marketing page.

You can also customize how columns are displayed in the report. To do this, click the table button and tick the necessary columns.

If necessary, the report can be exported to your PC as an Excel file.

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