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How to Delete Transactions in Cashboxes?
How to Delete Transactions in Cashboxes?

Learn how to delete payments in Orderry

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To delete a transaction from the checkbox, follow these steps:

Step 1. On the Finance > Payments page, double-click the transaction or open the payment window directly from a work order, sale, refund, or posting.

Step 2. In a new window, click the delete button at the bottom right and confirm this action.

The data on the transaction will be crossed out which means that the transaction is deleted. The deletion will change the amount in the cashbox in the sum of this transaction.

Note, after you delete a transaction, the balance of the cashbox will be recalculated, but the cash balance value of the transaction won’t change to show you how much money was in the cashbox after the transaction was made.

To restore a transaction in the cashbox, double-click on the deleted payment and click Restore.

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