Basic integration with WhatsApp allows you to:

  • send a message to customer in WhatsApp directly from Orderry just in two clicks

  • use pre-configured message templates for sending

Note that you also can configure an integration with Viber messenger.

WhatsApp integration setup

1. Download the WhatsApp application on your computer. This step is mandatory.

2. Navigate to the Settings > Integrations page, find WhatsApp messenger and click on the Configure button.

3. Tick the checkbox Integration enabled and save changes.

Done! Integration enabled successfully 😉

How to send a message to client on WhatsApp

1. Hover over the client’s phone number at the Work Order Table / Lead Table / Client Table or click on the message sending button at the Client Profile / Event Feed.

2. Choose the Open chat in WhatsApp option.

3. In the WhatsApp dialogue window, choose the message template, edit message text if it’s needed and press the Send button.

Note that some of the variables in message templates work only if you send message from the corresponding document.

For example, if you send a message from the Work Order table or Work Order dialogue window, variables connected to the Work Order will work. But if you try to send the same message template from the Client profile or Client table, variables connected to the Work Order won’t work. The reason is very simple: Orderry won’t know about which client’s order you want to send information.

4. Click on the Open chat in WhatsApp.

Note that you need to tick the Always allow to open links of this type in the associated app checkbox so the WhatsApp application will open automatically.

After that, the messenger app will be opened and you can continue chatting with a customer.

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