You can find when, to whom and how many SMS have been sent on the Reports > Marketing > Sent SMS page.

To generate the report you need to choose only the Period parameter and click on the Apply button.

The report shows the date and time of sending SMS, its delivery status, phone number, text, and number of parts.

At the footer of the table, you can see the total number of SMS sent during the reporting period.

One SMS can contain 70 characters in Cyrillic letters or 160 characters only in Latin letters. If the message is longer, it will be divided into parts. Every part of a long message contains UDH, a special header that allows the phone to connect all parts into one single message. In that case, every part of the long SMS can contain 67 characters in Cyrillic letters or 153 characters in Latin letters.

There are also some special characters, for encoding of which 2 characters are always used, this is “{}[]^~|”. A “long” message can contain at most 536 characters written in Cyrillic and 1224 characters written in Latin letters.

There 5 possible delivery statuses for SMS: Delivered, Not sent, In process, Unknown, and Declined.

  • Delivered means that the SMS was delivered to the recipient successfully

  • Not sent means that the message was not delivered. The main reasons for the failed delivery: the waiting period has expired (the subscriber was unavailable), the black list of the operator, blocking the SMS reception by the subscriber.

  • Declined means that the message was not delivered. The main reasons for the failed delivery: blacklists, stop words in a text, unregistered SMS sender's name

  • In process means that the SMS is being processed and its status will change to Delivered, Not sent, or Declined in a short time.

  • Unknown means that the delivery status was not received due to an error on the operator’s side.

To get the exact reason for this or that status, contact the Orderry support service (if you use the built-in Orderry SMS gateway) or the support of the SMS gateway you are using. When requesting, be sure to indicate the specific subscriber number and the time the SMS was sent.

Note, sent SMS are written off from the balance regardless of the status.

You can also customize how columns are displayed in this report. Just click on the table button and tick the required columns.

Like most reports in Orderry, the Sent SMS report can be printed or exported to a PC as an Excel file.

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