In Orderry, you can notify your clients and employees about events on work orders, leads, and tasks using SMS.

BulkSMS is an international platform for sending SMS. To configure a direct integration, follow a few simple steps.

Step 1

Register an account in BulkSMS if you don’t have one. In Orderry, navigate to the Settings > Integration page, find BulkSMS, and click on the Configure button .

Step 2

Create a token in the BulkSMS account and copy its data to the integration settings in Orderry.

In your BulkSMS account, navigate to the Settings > Advanced > API Tokens page and click on the Create Token button.

Enter a name for the token and click on the Create button.

Copy Token ID and Token Secret, then paste them to corresponding fields in the integration settings in Orderry.

Note, you can copy Token Secret at this stage only. After closing this window, you won’t be able to see it anymore.

Step 3

In Orderry, specify the phone number or Sender ID from your BulkSMS account.

Sender ID can be your company name or marketing campaign, etc. To get it, in BulkSMS, navigate to the Settings > Message > Sender IDs page, click on the Request Sender ID button and enter the preferred name of the SMS sender.

Note two important points:

  1. In the BulkSMS account, you can create a few Sender IDs, but in Orderry, you can use only one of them.

  2. Some countries require the registration of a Sender ID before you can start sending. To do this, contact BulkSMS support. Take a look at the list of these countries here.

Usually, getting Sender ID takes up to a day. Then you need to copy and paste it to the Phone number / Sender ID field in Orderry.

Suppose you want to start sending SMS from Orderry immediately, or you don’t want to use Sender ID. In that case, you can copy the verified phone number from your BulkSMS account.

Step 4

In Orderry, tick the Integration enabled checkbox for BulkSMS and save settings.

Done! Integration is enabled, and you can now configure automatic notifications or send SMS manually 😉

You can find a report on sent SMS on the Reports > Marketing > Sent SMS page.

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