Work Orders

This tab contains a list of all work orders in the selected location. You can customize the work order card on the Settings tab.

To switch to another location, tap on its name and select another one.

To sort or filter work orders, tap the icon at the top right.

Tap Sorting and select how the work orders in the list will be arranged: By creation date. Or tap a filter name to use and then Done.

To search for a specific work order, tap the search icon and type a search query. The search for work orders works similarly to the web version of Orderry.

Important: In the active search mode, you cannot filter or sort work orders.

When you tap on the work order card, you will see its details with the option to switch to the Event Feed. The Order Details tab displays information about the work order, works/materials added, and payments.

In this tab you can:

To the right of the work order number, you can tap the information icon and call the customer, or manager or copy the work order link.

In the Event Feed, you can add a photo or a comment to the work order.

Tap on:

  • a staple icon to select a photo from the gallery

  • a camera icon to take a photo

  • a comment icon to add a comment

Important: Images must be no larger than 5 MB.

Files and comments added to the work order from the mobile application will be displayed in the work order event feed in the web version.


This tab shows the list of cash boxes available to the employee in the selected location.

To change the location of the checkbox, click the change icon and then click the edit icon to the right of the checkbox and drag it to a new location. Click the Done button to save your changes.

Click on the name of the cashbox to open the cash flow for that cashbox. The default display period is the current week. Click on the calendar to change the display period.

Tap the payment to view information about it. By tapping the icon in the upper right corner, you can delete a payment or restore a deleted payment.

Remember that a deleted payment does not disappear completely but becomes crossed out.

How to make an income, expense or movement of money in a cashbox

There are two ways to make a transaction in the cashbox in the mobile application.

Option 1. In the list of cashboxes, click the card of a cashbox and select the necessary operation: Income, Expense or Transfer.

Option 2. Go to the cashbox you need, click the button “+” in the right top corner, and choose the necessary operation.

Fill in the payment information and click Save.


The QR-scanner is currently used to search for a work order by its QR-code.

Step 1. Open a work order and tap the QR code icon next to the work order number.

You can also print the same QR code in the document templates using the {QR Code} variable and then scan it directly from the document.

Step 2. In the Orderry mobile app, go to the QR-scanner tab, scan the QR-code of the work order and tap Open.

After that, you'll see the work order card open for viewing details, event feed, or adding a photo and comment.

Note that you can set up the QR-scanner in the Settings section so that it opens the work order immediately or after confirmation.

If you select One code, the work order will open instantly. Use this option for scanning media where there is always one code.

If you select Multiple codes, the work order will open after confirmation. This setting is suitable when several QR codes are placed side by side and a specific code must be selected.


On this tab, you can:

  • turn Face ID/Touch ID on or off

  • customize the work order card

  • set up the QR scanner

  • change the application language

  • contact the support chat

  • log out of the account

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