Sales Profit Report
Learn where to generate a report and how to calculate profit from sales
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Very often, along with the execution of repairs, there are sales of accessories, components, and other things. The Sales Profit report allows you to quickly get a summary of sales data.

In Orderry, sales profit is calculated by the formula:

Amount (what the customer paid including a discount) ー Cost of sales (goods or services sold) ー Employees’ wages.

The Sales Profit report is generated based on the sales made on the Sales page. It is part of the group of financial reports on the Reports > Finance > Sales Profit page.

There are 2 parameters by which the report is generated.

1. Period. It allows you to select the time period for which the report is generated: today, yesterday, this week, this month, last week, last month, or custom.

2. Location. It allows you to select one / several / all locations if there is more than one.

Set a combination you need and click Apply.

A report is generated with the main information about the financial components of the work orders. Within the table, you can sort by columns by clicking on their names. Positive profit is displayed in green and negative profit is marked in red. The bottom of the page displays the totals for each column.

You can also customize the display of columns in this report. To do this, click on the gear button and check the required columns.

You can print the report immediately or export it to your PC as an Excel file. The Excel file contains more detailed information about the report.

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