Product Unit Passport
Find out where to find the history of each product unit
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A product unit passport shows the history of each specific unit of the product that has a serial number. This function is available only for serial products.

To see the passport of an item, you need to click on its serial number. You can do this in work orders, sales, postings, write-offs, transfers, or stocktakes, as well as in the window of the product on the tab Shipments.

The label or the price tag can be created on demand by clicking the Print button.

In the product unit passport, you can see the supplier, date of creation, the purchase price (per unit of goods), warranty of the supplier (if it was specified in the posting), current location, and the table of product transfers.

You can see in the table of transfers:

  • Document. An action that was carried out with the products

  • Employee. The name of the employee who performed the action with the products.

  • Description of what was done.

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