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How To Merge Duplicate Assets
How To Merge Duplicate Assets
Find out how to merge duplicates of assets
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Duplicate assets can occur for various reasons in the inventory. For correct warehouse management, such items must be combined. In this case, it is very important to merge all the information and history.

Important: Assets may have different names (Vehicle, Device, Appliance, Tool, Shoes, Garment) depending on the type of business you choose when creating your account.

Merging Duplicates

1. On the Inventory > Assets page, select the duplicates of assets by ticking them.

Pay attention that you can find the first asset by searching and ticking it. Then you can find the second asset by searching and ticking it. In this case, the checkmark from the first one does not disappear.

Important: You can merge no more than 10 assets at a time.

2. Click More actions and select Merge.

Please note that the “Can merge assets” option must be enabled in the settings of the employee role.

3. Select the serial number of the asset to which all duplicates must be merged and click Merge.

The information is combined in the following way:

  • The location of the asset is retained from the original

  • The work orders and history are transferred from all duplicates to the original asset

  • Data from the fields in the “General” tab is added to the original asset profile.

For example, the “Cost” field is not filled in the original, but the duplicate is filled in. In this case, the information from this field is transferred to the original. If the field “Cost” is filled both in the original and the duplicate, then this field will contain the information from the original.

Done! After merging, the duplicates are automatically removed from the asset warehouse.

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