Sometimes, products or assets do not have their serial numbers or, for some reason, it is impossible to identify them. In such cases, Orderry allows you to generate a unique serial number and assign it to the product or asset.

The serial number of the product or asset is generated by a template that you can configure on the Settings > Warehouses page.

In the Serial number templates section, you can set up a template for Products and Assets individually.

The template consists of symbols and a variable {C}. The variable {C} is a counter which can be set.

For example, {C:3} is a counter consisting of three symbols and filled with "0" on the left. Therefore, when generating serial numbers with this template, they will look like this: 001, 002, 003, 004, etc.

When setting up the format, don’t forget that the numbers should not be shorter than 4 characters and long serial numbers may not fit on the labels when printing. Note please that the serial number may contain only Latin letters (A-Z), dots, dashes, lower case, slash, and digits (0-9).

You can customize not only the serial number template but also the numbering. To do this, click on the serial number example and select the number. Be sure to save the changes.

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