When configuring calculations of employee's wages in Orderry, there is a rule for computing “To specialist for the works/services” where you can enable the “Account cost price of the products that were written off for the zero price” checkbox.

The checkbox works only if you have set up payroll from the profit from the work/service.

The calculation is carried out according to the following rule: the profit from the service/work is deducted from the value of the products and a specified percentage is calculated from the amount received by the employee. Profit from the service/work is calculated as their amount minus the cost.

For example, let’s take a work order with work for the amount of 300 and the cost of the work 50, and spare parts at zero price but with the cost of 87.

From the total amount of work (300), subtract the cost of work (50) and the cost of the spare part (87) = 163.

25% of 163 = 40.75.

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